Meet Aqua.

This was the first fragrance I ever soaped! It was the inspiration for my entire soap making journey. One year ago we traveled to the Caribbean with good friends to the Live Aqua hotel. Luxurious. Aromatherapy. Azure Waters. I was in heaven! The aroma of their signature scent lingered in every space of this tropical oasis. Pampering at its best even included earthy, handmade soaps full of pure goodness. Aromatherapy and I have always gone way back … but this time I came home with a passion to bring it into my everyday life. So, voila! I matched the scent to perfect memory, and my soap making addiction was born.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Mint

It has been believed for centuries that these oils have healing qualities. Not only is Eucalyptus good for skin, its aroma alone has proven to help breathing, stimulate the mind, and release mental exhaustion. Rosemary is believed by many to relieve stress and increase contentment. Peppermint is great for stressed-out and busy people because of its properties to improve memory and alertness. So, triple win!

This soap is cold-processed with goat’s milk, pure silk, sea clay, and dried rosemary. Sea clay was the natural choice being that Aqua was born in the Caribbean! This  light green clay from France is known for its healing properties as well. It traditionally has many uses from gently clearing problem skin to anti-inflammatory properties to removing impurities. Goat’s milk is pure pampering full of vitamins and rejuvenating properties; it’s one of the world’s finest moisturizers. Silk. Pure luxury.

My inspiration …

Aqua brings me back … until we meet again.

Joy and Love,



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