Kenyan Tea

If we have no peace it is because we’ve forgotten we belong to each other.

Mother Teresa 

Meet Kenyan Tea. My mind has been fantasizing about this soap since the minute I stepped back on American soil. Black tea blended with goat’s milk, cinnamon, cardamom, clove …. I still remember sitting at the table with the World Vision family in Kisumu as I tasted my first sip of this heavenly concoction. But moreover, it’s the smiles and the laughter that I remember alongside tea time. Simply good. I suspect Kenyan tea will always be sacred in my heart. And now you get to experience a little of this sweetness too!

My love for Africa is a blessing that has changed every inch of my being and who I’m called to be. But their hardships, struggles, and injustices also hold my heart. We belong to each other in every way. So, I wanted to create something special to honor them and all things good. So, behold … Kenyan Tea. Kevin and I have decided to open up shop on the horizon for fun … small batch … using only sustainable products and shea from women’s self-help groups in Africa. So, we’ll be offering some of these goodies and sending proceeds to communities in Kenya and Uganda. Sometimes it’s the small things that truly change the world.




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