Green Tea Lemongrass

My last day of summer vacation is upon me. It comes as so bitter-sweet. This has been the summer of respite for me. Rest. Stillness. I’m so grateful. As I look towards the return to the daily grind and all the adventures and dramas that will be sent my way, my desire is not to lose touch with the divine in my day to day. May I always keep my eye on the next right step in front of me. May I not lose sight of the human spirit in those I see every day. May I get out of the way for God to do great things. May I love others like I’ve never loved before.

I love Sundays. Well most Sundays that is when I’m not running crazy at the hospital. Today was an extra special Sunday. Community Sunday when everyone could be there. It amazes me just how much we are loved sometimes. And today I felt that with the breadth of my soul as I looked at the amazing people God has handpicked to be in my life and love me and my family. Grace.

And then there’s my latest soap adventure … Green Tea Lemongrass! It’s definitely one of my new favorites. Lemongrass and I have a kindred bond. Lemongrass essential oil has been used since time began to calm and revitalize the spirit. It’s always held a special place in my heart since my Nanaw gave me some lemongrass oil before she died. I know the smell of lemongrass…. And I love how it always pops up in the most unexpected places when I’m least expecting it. So, I’ve been in search for the perfect lemongrass soap recipe. Green tea is known for its healing properties as well as being an astringent and antioxidant.  So, I decided to try my hat at a combo of the two. I brewed double strength green tea made with distilled water and used it in place of the required liquid in CP soap. The smell of the green tea and lye is not a pretty sight, and you might even question whether you should toss it! But hold on! I added the dried green tea leaves which was a nice touch. I un-molded this beauty today, and it smells so good.  These slices will go on the curing rack for 4 weeks… then voila! Soap making is the perfect escape from the reality that my daily grind will be awaking me in the six o’clock hour in the morning!



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